Wearable Technology for the Future

Hey, everyone, I wanted to talk to all of you today about something I recently came across that got my attention for multiple reasons. We have all probably been wondering where wearable technology for the future is heading. Now I am not a Tech. Savvy person myself personally. I still don’t even carry a smartphone or have a Facebook account.
Well, let’s get on with what I wanted to share with all of you and tell yall about some of the reasons why it got my attention. I want to introduce you to the new Helo LX and why I find it so interesting.

The New Helo LX

This little device offers so much more than it’s competition for about the same amount of money. Have a look at the comparison chart towards the bottom of this post.  The Helo LX Wearable Technology for the Future
The New Helo LX offers all of the stuff the competition does such as
  • Heart Rate
  • Step Counter
  • Calories
  • Distance Covered
  • iPhone/Android Compatible
But here is a list of the things this device offers that the competition doesn’t.
  • Blood Pressure
  • Mood Sensor
  • Fatigue Sensor
  • Remotely Monitor Loved One’s Vitals
  • Germanium Plates
  • Himalayan Salt Plates
  • Panic Button
  • Emergency SOS GPS Location
Where is wearable technology for the future heading?
Here is a list of the things which will be added in the near future by a downloadable app.
  • Blood Oxygen
  • Body Temperature
  • Blood Sugar
  • Mosquito Shield
  • Blood Alcohol Level
Now I want to talk about the things which caught my attention and why. I know everybody is different, but there seems to be something for everyone to like about this little device.
You don’t know me, but I am an EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Practitioner and into Natural Alternatives when it comes to Health. I am looking at this New Helo from a health perspective.
Being able to monitor your Blood Pressure and run an EKG on yourself is pretty impressive. But two of the biggest things I like about this product is the fact you can Monitor your loved ones and the future Blood Sugar Monitor.
Let’s say for example you have elderly parents who don’t live close to you or live in another state. Being able to monitor them and their health to me is huge!
Now I don’t have Diabetes but being able to monitor your Blood Sugar without having to prick your fingers all the time is something else for me which is priceless. Imagine not having sore fingers all of the time!
If, you haven’t seen this product yet. Check out this two-minute video and tell me what you think!

Now there is one more thing that got my attention about this company and product that none of the competition is offering or doing as of yet.

Real Home Based Business Opportunity

Some of you may only just wish to buy the product, and that be the end of it which is fine, and you can do so through Amazon.
But for those of you who see the potential and seek a real home based business opportunity you have to purchase the Helo LX through one of its members which you can find plenty of them on YouTube by doing a Google search.
I am not affiliated with this company in any way so. Therefore, I can not recommend anyone in particular. You can find plenty of YouTube videos about this product online. So do some research and pick the right mentor for you.
Check out the video below if you want to learn more. Let me know what you think in the comments section at the bottom of the page. Here is the phone number for the company I found if you have questions which the videos don’t answer. The number is 1-844-967-5346, and it is a working number because I called it to see.

I know a lot of people will look at this video and say to themselves either one of two things. This has got to be a pyramid scheme! Or I can’t do this!

What Is The Difference Between A Pyramid Scheme And MLM?

I am not saying Pyramid schemes do not exist because we all know they do, but I want you to think about your 9 to 5 job. Is it not a pyramid? Or the way countries are run for that matter?
You have the owner of the business at the top then the president and vice president under him, and then it branches out from there on down the line till it gets to you the physical laborers.
Here is the definition according to the Better Business Bureau of the differences between a pyramid scheme and multi-level-marketing as well as some red flags to watch out for.
I Can’t Do This!
I don’t know who the first person ever to say this was, but I grew up hearing this quote. “Can’t never could do anything.”  Another quote I always heard growing up was “If there is a will there is a way.” and I am a firm believer of them both!
Now I am not going to sit here and lie to you and tell you it is going to be easy because the fact of the matter is I really don’t know! I am not affiliated with this company in any way. But I feel like this product has such potential it will sell itself. Just like everything else in life though you’re going to have to put in some effort.
If you are looking at this product from a business point of view just think about how many people you know that could benefit from owning one of these devices and how many people do they know.
I am not here to persuade you either one way or the other. I am here just to share with all of you this information I came across and thought was worth writing about.
Here is the comparison chart I mentioned above.
Comparison Chart

I honestly think the Helo LX would make a great gift idea and it also makes you wonder what wearable technology for the future will look like!

I hope you enjoyed this review and if so please be kind and share it with all of your friends on social media.

Also, be sure and share your thoughts in the comment section below about this product and the business opportunity it can provide for the ones who are interested in it from a business standpoint.
Here is one more video you might want to check out.

I would really love to hear your thoughts!
Sincerely Dale